Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage uses different techniques effleurage, fanning, feathering, kneading, friction, pressure, cupping and more with essential oils properties.

  1. Calm the nervous system and improves healthy circulation.
  2. Assist with the healing process of muscle tone and well-being.
  3. Essential oils last for three days in the epidermal skin layer. Great for being around large events or concerned with being in crowded spaces, providing immunity booster.
  4. The oils support the healing process due to the analgesic effects of the essential oils.

The massage begins with filling in a client sheet and choosing from a premixed blend. During the massage, you'll absorb and inhale these essential oil molecules, giving therapeutic benefits.

|30mins = $50 | 45 min = $90 | 60 min = $110 | 90 min = $150| Two Hours $190 |
Can Claim On Some Health fund rebates