• Vibrational Essence Candle
  • 100% Plant Base Oils
  • 60 hrs Burning
  • Wooden wick
  • 400g Eco Soy wax
  • Thick base & glass
  • Recyclable


Profumo dè Gaia is a Vibrational Essence Candle, Gaia meaning mother earth is a sweet, smoky scent of woody incense with spices of the ’70s, a leathery amber, and lashings of zesty caramelization.

Gaia magnetic essences form connections with mother earth forces. It’s synergistic effect results in stimulating the conscious mind and stabilizing the etheric body for peace, dream, meditation, spiritual guidance, and intuition.

Our ambiant candles are created with a wooden wick soy wax, crackles like a wooden fireplace behind a safe, robust and thick base glass.

2017 Batch 1

Scent Strength: Low