Clear Quartz Crystal Beads


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Clear quartz crystal beads have a variety of purposes for pray, meditation, healing, affirmations, mantras, counting, and protection.

The challenging obstacles that life throws at us can become clarified with clear quartz beads. Clear out negativity and create positive achievements with its magnifying abilities.

  • Let the crystal assist the body wisdom and create an informative decision in stressful moments.
  • The crystal light reflexes the color spectrum giving us a variety of choices to manifest happiness.
  • Its reflecting pure radiance helps channel daily thoughts, feelings and words with harmony.

108 Beads

The number eight signifies resurrection a healing motion of figure 8 used in dance movements and assists with right and left brain coordination. Eastern medicine introduced figure 8 body motions as a healing treatment count to 108, pray, say a mantra or repeat an affirmation to you reach 108.

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