Fire agate Crystal 108 Beads


  • Material: Fire Agate Crystal
  • Colour: orange, yellow, red and drown tones
  • Egyptian Cotton, knotted between each bead
  • Handmade tassel
  • Shape: Round Crystal
  • Size: 8 mm
  • Length (Approx): 16 inch / strand
  • Quantity: 108 Crystal beads


Crystal beads have a variety of purposes for pray, meditation, healing, affirmations, mantras, and protection. Moss agate resonates on a slower, less intense rate than some of their more high-frequency quartz relatives, making it a wearable item for everyday use.

  • Fire Agate Crystal creates a deeper connection to you and others by, dispersing and clearing out presumptions with positive resolutions.
  • Fire agate crystal reflects light as a protective shield around the body with its orange firey flair.
  • Fires up the base chakra and balance the sacral chakra and bring back vitality on all levels. Psychologically fire agate crystal dispels fear and instills deep security.
  • Wearing a fire agate encourage introspection, effortlessly bringing up inner problems for resolution. It helps to eliminate cravings and destructive desires that can be useful in treating attachment.
  • Spiritually, this protective stone aids relaxation so that the body mellows out enhancing meditation. Said to represent absolute perfection, it instills spiritual fortitude and supports the evolution of consciousness.

108 Beads
The number eight signifies resurrection a healing motion of figure 8 used in dance movement assists with right and left brain coordination. Eastern medicine introduced figure 8 body motions as a healing treatment, count to 108, pray, say a mantra or repeat an affirmation to you reach 108

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Dimensions 1 mm