Neroli Tree


  • Vibrational Essence Candle
  • 100% Plant Base Oils
  • 60 hrs Burning
  • Wooden wick
  • 400g Eco Soy wax
  • Thick base & glass
  • Recyclable


Profumo de Neroli Tree is a Vibrational Essence Candle consists of three essential oils from the orange blossom tree with the divine sweet scent of Neroli flower with a fresh, crisp orange zig. Can smell like a peach, spicy facets, sparkly green citrus with a floral quality.

The blossoms of Neroli emanate a seductive expression with its florally sweet tone to warm up the soul and ease the senses with its honeyed nectar. Petitgrain branches and leaves reach for the sunshines warmth while producing stamina to hold zesty bergamot oranges. Great for dispersing and clearing space while refreshing the Aura field with a divine scent of nature.

Create ambiance with a wooden wick soy candle, crackles like a fireplace behind a safe, robust and thick base glass.

Sent strength is low