Orange Orchard


  • Vibrational Essence Candle
  • 100% Plant Base Oils
  • 60 hrs Burning
  • Wooden wick
  • 400g Eco Soy wax
  • Thick base & glass
  • Recyclable


Orange is a is a Vibrational Essence Candle the Aura of citrus gourmand fusion of freshly squeezed juice, crisp and ripe sweet peel marmalade, sprinkles of citrus, green leaves and sweet juicy fruity tutti endings with hints of raspberry fields.

Boost the base chakra with red blood oranges and its ability to clear stagnant environmental vibrations while clarifying the sacral chakra with the color orange. Manifest well-being and health with the abundant orange trees and its uplifting hit of vitamin happiness.

Italian blood orange – Bergamot – Australian Orange

Create ambiance with a wooden wick soy candle, crackles like a fireplace behind a safe, robust and thick base glass.

Scent strength: low
Is not a fragrance Candle