• Vibrational Essence Candle
  • 5g Perfume Oils
  • Davana, Neroli, Ylang Ylang flower, Crisp Green Mandarin, Pink grapefruit and, zesty Australian orange.
  • 60 hrs Burning
  • Wooden wick
  • 400g Eco Soy wax
  • Thick base & glass
  • Recyclable and reusable


Profumo dè Aura Candles aren’t as potent like a synthetic fragrance candle, due to the cost to yield the delicate botanical oils. Instead is a vibrational essence candle with hints of scent that enlighten tiny molecules into a safe atmosphere, creating well being, ambiance, positive imagery and meditation with its unique harmonious vibe.

Profumo Splash is a gourmand scent, can smell like, Pink marshmallow, champagne bubbles, mandarin glazed Tart or a tropical fruit bowl.

dè Davana, Neroli, Ylang Ylang flower, Crisp Green Mandarin, sweet pink grapefruit and, zesty Australian orange.

Aura Splash is calming with its mystical healing properties, divinely sent from the flower, Neroli, and Davana. Ylang induces feelings of an exotic oasis, splashing the senses bright. Sprinkling citrus oil rejuvenates spaces giving a stagnant room refreshing light.

Create ambiance with a wooden wick soy candle, crackles like a fireplace behind a safe, robust and thick base glass.